Rebranding and a new beginning

The launch of the new web site marks the start of a new beginning for Bobby Siegfried. After years of trying to unify all the different performing configurations, solo and collaborative songwriting, and make all that clear to fans, Bobby is now bringing everything under the new Chasing Daylight name.

This effort represents a total rebrand, unification, and at the same time an expansion of musical reach. While it will still take some time to complete the transition, as of 2022, Bobby Siegfried and Chasing Bobby are now Chasing Daylight. Regardless if Bobby is performing solo, or as a duo/trio, or with a full band configuration, it is all Chasing Daylight.

The name (which actually dates back to 2002) has always had a special meaning for Bobby, and if you ask him, he’ll be glad to share the short story of how he finally arrived at this point. Part of the adventure as an independent artist includes networking, learning from others, and relying on trusted advice as you go along. One such piece of advice Bobby received early on in his professional music career was regarding the importance of using his name and making sure his photo was on the album cover art, etc. While this is not necessarily bad advice for developing recognition and identity, it unintentionally led to a confusing and fragmented musical identity over the years. Bobby will be the first to tell you that when it comes to his music and art, his deepest desire is for people to remember the music rather than his name. Perhaps this is best described in his own words:

“As I’ve grown in my musical career, I’ve learned to admit certain things to myself – not all of them easy. One of the – perhaps the hardest thing to admit is that I am truly an artist. And with that comes all the good and the bad. Yet, literally, none of that matters in the end. Who I am, what my name is, what instruments I play, etc. – none of that is worth remembering when I’m gone. But the music, the art, how it makes people feel, the places it them to, how it inspires and influences, how it feeds the soul – the music that we leave behind is everything. My dream is for the music I leave behind to continue to speak and inspire, to be an unwavering comfort when it feels desperate and lonely, to be the soundtrack and validation in the mountaintop moments, and, at the ultimate core, to help people to love each other better and be good to each other.”

Bobby siegfried (chasing daylight)

Beyond the vision for the music, there are more practical considerations. As a songwriter, producer, engineer, and multi-instrumentalist, Bobby participates in a variety of events/projects/groups with a diverse, ever-growing repertoire of music. And a solo/duo performance may look and sound very different than a full-band performance. The vibe of a venue and/or event varies as well and they have always taken pride in their ability to meet listeners where they are and contribute appropriately to the vibe.

One of the most notable musical changes is the powerhouse songwriting partnership between Bobby and Garrett Powell, who is also a member of Chasing Daylight. Since 2018, they have been writing more and more together and as Bobby describes it: “Garrett is without a doubt the missing piece I always hoped I’d find. His lyrical genius cannot be overstated. We complement each other so well and the collaboration is as powerful as anything I’ve ever been fortunate enough to be a part of.”

It is Bobby’s sincere hope that bringing everything under one name, brand, presence will ultimately make it easier for listeners to find and connect with the group, new fans to follow them, venues/agents/clients to learn about and book them, and afford them the cohesiveness to really start a movement.

There’s so much more ahead, and 2022 is going to be one heck of a year. Hope you join us for the adventure!

Be good to each other.