In Others’ Words

“[The audience] picked up on [their] enthusiasm right away and were on their feet from start to finish.”

“We happened to catch Chasing Daylight by accident while on vacation. We started following where they were playing and drove up from Maryland a month later just to see them – and we’ll do it again.”

“[We] saw the trio at Musikfest, then a street fair, then a winery – they just seem to fit anywhere. Such great energy – you can’t help but feel good. Their music is genuinely refreshing from what you typically hear.”

“The music has something that not much of new music has – true feeling.”

“[Bobby] has a presence about him that draws you into the moment and the music – a real authenticity in his music and message.

“I would tell anyone, you simply have to hear Bobby cover Coldplay. And he does it with the same attitude and love.”

“Bobby is an inspirational artist who has blessed our community and beyond with his relatable music and contagious personality.”

“[Bobby] has the ability to connect with young people – he sees them where they are and engages them as equals. They were talking about the relatable feelings and experiences laid to bare in his music long after he left.”